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Ivan Franko

Encyclopedia of the life and works


Encyclopedia of the life and works of Ivan Franko

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Ivan Franko (1856 – 1916) – famous Ukrainian activist, enligchtener and awakener of the Ukrainian people.

At the time of his birth the Ukrainian spirit in Galicia smoulder under dounble yoke of the Austrian bureaucracy and Polish nobility. It seemed – Galicia is about to become part of Europe… as a Polish province.

Ivan Franko was among the leaders who decided to turn the wheel of fate. He became famous in every region, which was set – as a poet, novelist, playwright, translator of artistic works of all genres; as a scientist, historian, folklorist, ethnographer, economist, historian of literature; as a journalist, literary critic, editor and publisher; and finally as publicist and politician.

At the end of his life Ukrainian living in Galicia stood on a firm foot, not only in economics, literature and science, but also in politics, putting forward the slogan of an independent united Ukraine. To struggle for this ideal were people brought up on the works of Frank.

This project aims to give comprehensive information about the Ivan Franko. It has a very extensive hierarchical structure, so you may need some time to navigate it.

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The project is based on the edition of Ivan Franko's works in 50 volumes, published in Kyiv by the publishing house "Naukova Dumka" in 1976 – 1986. Like every Soviet publication, it was distorted by political censorship, which appeared in the deletion of most acute and unpleasant for Moscow works; in reducing unpleasant moments for the Russian authorities in other works; in constant admonitions that all Franko's comrades were Ukrainian bourgeois nationalists and therefore better not to remember them.

Therefore, during preparation of electronic publication, we tried to add Franko's texts also from other sources. All Chekist-moskowfile political nonsense in comments ruthlessly deleted, instead for a number of cases prepared new factual comments.

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Some works of Ivan Franko known in several author'a variations that reflect different stages of work on the piece.

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We would point out that in our edition presents not all variants of the Franko's texts, but only those which are recognized as significant by scholars-textologists. Publication of all variants (if it considered necessary) is the future, and it probably will not close.

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The project author is Nikolai Zharkikh. So when you see the notes "I think…", this I means Nikolai Zharkikh. Because I.Franko's works belong to our public domain, I will gladly consider any offers for improving this web project.

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