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I.Franko's prose reprinted after authoritative sources: individual books (mostly collections), which came out for the life of Ivan Franko, and under his supervision, the lifetime publications in anthologies, newspapers, magazines, where they were printed with the knowledge and consent of the author. Unpublished works submitted for autographs.

During the life of Ivan Franko with his direct participation were the following collection of works of a writer:

Boryslav. Pictures from the life of undermountain people. Lviv, 1877. Contents: Introduction. Oilman. At work. Converted sinner.

Galician images. Lviv, 1885. Summary: Small Myron. Gryts' school science. Pencil. Schönschreiben.

In the sweat of face. Images of the life of labor people. Lviv, 1890. Contents: M. Dragomanov. Front word. Excerpt from a letter to Dragomanov. Stories: Lesykha's family. Two friends. Bricklayer. Small Myron. Gryts' school science. Pencil. Schönschreiben. At the bottom. Guilty by himself. Snail. Good earing. Peasants Commission. History of my straw cutter. Gypsies. Forests and pastures. Dovbanjuk. Home industria. Manipulant girl. To the light! Between the good people.

Obrazki galicyjskie. Lwów, 1897. Summary: Nieco o sobie samym. Dwaj przyjaciele. Historja mojej sieczkarni. Gawa. Jeden dzień z życia uliczników lwowskich. Pantałacha. (Some copies came without the preface).

When animals were still talking. Fairy tales for children. Lviv, 1899. Contents: Preface. Donkey and the Lion. The old good forgotten. Vixen and Crane. Vixen and lobster. Fox and thrush. Hare and hedgehog. Goldcrest and Bear. Wolf as mayor. Hare and Bear. Raven and Viper. Three skins of tricks. Wolf, Vixen and Donkey. Vixen-nun. Murko and Bourko. Vixen-godmother. The war between dog and wolf. Painted Fox. Crows and Owls. Tales of fable.

Polujka and other Boryslav stories. Lviv, 1899. Contents: Polujka. Oilman. Shepherd.

Seven tales. Lviv, 1900. Content: The chipper. The tale of prosperity. Beast budget. History of the sheepskin coat. Pig constitution. Very-very sharp mayor. History of one confiscaton.

Good earing and other stories. Lviv, 1902. Contents: Preface. Good earing. Bricklayer. Guilty by himself. Snail. History of my straw cutter. Home industria. Dovbanjuk. In the smithy.

Pantalakha and other stories. Lviv, 1902. Contents: Preface. Pantalakha. Peasants Commission. In a prison hospital.

From stormy years. Lviv, 1903. Contents: Preface. Cutthroat. Gryc and nobleman.

Small Myron and other stories. Lviv, 1903. Contents: Preface. Small Myron. Gryts' school science. Pencil. Schönschreiben. Father humorist. Mustard seed. Boris Grab.

Manipulant girl and other stories. Lviv, 1904. Contents: Manipulant girl. Lesykha's family. Between the good people. Besotted?

On the bosom of nature and other stories. Lviv, 1905. Summary: In the bosom of nature. Mykytych's oak. Yandrusy. Dryads. Pike. Odi profanum vulgus. Mavka. On hayloft. My crime. In carpentry. Duel. While the train moves. Jay's wing.

Mission. Plague. Tales and satires. Lviv, 1906. Summary: Mission. Plague. Tales and satires: 1. Where disappear old years. 2. As Mr. looking trouble for himself. 3. As Rusyn loaf on the other world. 4. Our public. 5. Pig. 6. As the Consent house built. 7. Dr. Besserwisser. 8. From the Galician " Book Genesis". 9. Thistle. 10. Thomas with a heart and Thomas without a heart.

Homeland and other stories. K., 1911. Summary: The front word. Homeland. Collier. William Tell. Genius. Gershko Goldmacher. Gava and Vovkun. Pies with bilberries. For the holiday.

Corvée bread and other stories. Lviv. 1913. Summary: The front word. Corvée bread. Forests and pastures. Gypsies. History of the sheepskin coat.

Ruthenians. Types of Galician Ruthenians of [18]60 and 70th years. Lviv, 1913. Summary: The front word. I. Young Rus. II. Normal people. III. Discouraged. IV. Patriotic impulses.

As a separate collection, published in three parts, can be seen "Old Rus' stories", published 1900 in three books of "Enlightenment" society. Contents:

No. I: Front word. 1. A story about the death pipe and four boxes. 2. A story about a one year old kings. 3. A story about the king Agij. 4. The story of varnish guardian;

No. II: 5. A story about polovets. 6. A story about a man who borrowed the god;

No. III: 7. A story about a robber Flavian. 8. A story about mason Eulogius.

From the above collections for the original composition, ie, that formed from the stories, which first published together in a separate publication, are "Boryslav" (1877), "Galician images" (1885), "When animals were still talking" (1899) "Seven tales" (1900), "Old Rus' stories" (1900), "From stormy years" (1903), "On the bosom of nature" (1905), "Mission. Plague. Tales and satires" (1906)," Homeland and other stories" (1911), "Ruthenians" (1913). Other collections are selections of stories from previous collections with the addition of several works that were published for the first time within the assembly.

In this edition maintains the chronological placement of I.Franko's stories. The exception is the collection of "Boryslav", "When animals were still talking", "Old Rus' stories", "From stormy years", "Ruthenians", that submitted holistically, with the preface.

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