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Ivan Franko

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Ivan Franko wrote poetry throughout all his life. The earliest of his preserved works – sonnet "Kotliarevsky" – he wrote a 17-year old boy in 1873. The last of his poetry – "Nice view" – dated February 8, 1916, in 3.5 months before death.

The first collection of poems – "Ballads and stories" – was published in 1876. At the end of life Franko returned to it, supplemented by other early writings, and published under the title "From the years of my youth" (1914). This poetic book, although there is the latest by time of editing and printing, covering the earliest stage of the work Franko-poet.

The following collections of poetry published in the same order in which were written and edited. Some works Franko himself endured from one collection to another, so, in particular, "First bunch" of collection "Withered leaves" was reprinted from the 2nd edition of book "From the top and bottom". Please be aware also that the collection "The old and new" (1911) is processing of older book "My Izmaragd" (1898).

Therefore, in our e-edition collections staff does not recreated literally, but arranged so as not to duplicate printed elsewhere. Most of the poems moved to a separate section "Poems", in each case stated in what collection they were printed.

Poems that Franko did not include in his collections, merged into the section "Over the collection", ordered chronologically.

Alphabetical and chronological indexes compiled to make easier to find the right pieces.