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Ivan Franko

Encyclopedia of the life and works



In this section published the poems by Ivan Franko – as those that were published as part of poetry collections, and those that are printed separately or were included in the book "Poems" (1899). Therefore, the section opens with preface to this book, in which Franko expresses his understanding of the genre of poem.

We assume poems to be the most valuable from all works of Franko-poet, but deliberately avoid from placing any estimates, "pros" or "cons". The spiritual world of these poems is very diverse, and we believe that every reader will find here reading please himself.

Section sorted by chronology of writing poems. Some poems have two author's editors which are published as separate documents.

Many poems of Ivan Franko remained unfinished. Those that Franko himself published during his life with the subtitle "excerpts from the poem", presented in this section. Unfinished poems, which remained in the archives of the writer and were published by researchers of his work, placed in the section "Unfinished works".