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Gallery / Memorable places

Memorable places

Photos of Ivan Franko's memorable places arranged according to the chronology of his stay in different places.

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In the Vienna University Ivan Franko in 1892 – 1893 years attended lectures by Vatroslav Jagic, prepared and defended his doctoral thesis.

University of Vienna (1892 – 1893)

Place of house number 7 on the Glyboka street in Lviv. Here Franko and his family lived in 1893 – 1896 years, here had situated the editorial board of his magazine «Life and word.»

Place in Lviv (1893 – 1896)

In house in Lviv (Shevchenko ave., 8) in 1892 – 1898 had situated Scientific Shevchenko Society. Ivan Franko since 1895 took an active part in the society.

House of the Shevchenko Scientific Society in Lviv (1894 – 1898)

In the house with modern address General Chuprynka str, 14 Ivan Franko and his family lived in 1896 – 1902 years.

House in Lviv (1896 – 1902)

House in Lviv (Vynnychenka str. 26), where in 1898 – 1912 had been situated Shevchenko Scientific Society.

House of the Shevchenko Scientific Society in Lviv (1898 – 1912)

In the village Kryvorivnja (now Verkhovyna district of Ivano-Frankivsk region) Ivan Franko spent summer holidays in 1901 – 1914.

Kryvorivnja (1901 – 1914)

In this house (Drogobych, Mazepa str., 16) in 1902 there was a workers' council, organized by Ivan Franko.

House in Drogobych (1902)

Villa of Ivan Franko in Lviv (I. Franko str., 152), in which he and his family lived in 1902 – 1916.

Villa in Lviv (1902 – 1916)

In April 1904, while with M. S. Hrushevsky in Italy, Ivan Franko visited the Basilica of San Pietro in Vincoli in Rome and saw a sculpture of Moses by Michelangelo.

Michelangelo's "Moses" (1904)

In Bourgeois Brotherhood in Ternopil Ivan Franko performed several times.

Bourgeois Brotherhood in Ternopil (1905 – 1911)

In the house on boulevard Shevchenko, 31 in the beginning 20th century lived E. K. Tregubov. Franko stayed in his apartment during the visit to Kyiv 2 – April 14, 1909.

House in Kiev (1909)

During his visit to Kyiv in April 1909 Franko visited a relative of his wife Victor Ignatovych, who lived in the house for Nestorovski lane 8.

House in Kiev (1909)

House in Kiev on the Vladimirska str., 42, where in 1908 – 1912 worked Ukrainian club. Franko visited the club during his visit to Kyiv in April 1909.

House in Kiev (1909)

In the library of the Lviv University (Dragomanov str., 5) Ivan Franko worked almost daily in 1910 – 1914.

Library of Lviv National University (1910 – 1914)

The house of society «Ukrainian talk» (present address – Ivano-Frankivsk, Sichovykh strilciv str., 24) Ivan Franko repeatedly read his works.

House in Ivano-Frankivsk (1910 – 1914)

In the house of savings-bank (present address – Kolomyja, Teatralna str., 27) Ivan Franko readed his poem «Moses» (Jan 11, 1912).

Savings-bank in Kolomyja (1912)

In the house on the street Shevchenko, 55 Ivan Franko stopped during his visit to Chernivtsi 6 – May 8, 1913.

House in Chernivtsi (1913)

In the great hall of the People's House (Lomonosov str., 2) May 6, 1913 Ivan Franko readed his poem «Moses.»

People's House in Chernivtsi (1913)

In this building (street Kurkova, now Lysenko, 25) lived J. Reichert – an old friend Ivan Franko. In November – December 1914 seriously ill writer living in his apartment.

House in Lviv (1914)

In the house with modern address Ozarkevych str., 2a since 1904 had situated Bursa (hostel) of metropolitan home. In 1915 – 1916 years here had situated hospital for riflemen, where in November 1915 – March 1916 lived Ivan Franko.

House in Lviv (1915 – 1916)

Tomb of Ivan Franko at Lychakiv cemetery in Lviv.

Tomb in Ukraine (1916)

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