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Photos of monuments to I. Franko placed in accordance with the chronology of their construction.

Monument to Ivan Franko in Kyiv established in 1956 at the Ivan Franko Square. Sculptors A.Bilostotsky, O.Suprun, architect N.Ivanchenko.

1956, Kyiv

Monument to Ivan Franko in Lviv was erected in 1964 in a park named after I.Franko (sculptors V.Borysenko, D.Krvavych, E.Mysko, V.Odrehivsky, Ya.Chayka, architect A.Shulyar).

1964, Lviv

Monument to Ivan Franko in Drogobych was erected in 1966, sculptors E.Mysko, Ya.Chayka, V.Odrehivsky, architects Ya.Novakivsky, A.Konsulov.

1966, Drogobych

Monument to Ivan Franko in Ivano-Frankivsk established in 1978 in the park on the I. Franko street. Sculptor – A. Bolyuk.

1978, Ivano-Frankivsk

Monument to Ivan Franko in Ivano-Frankivsk was opened August 26, 1995 on the Independence Str. (sculptors Lubomir Yaremchuk and Nicholas Posikira).

1995, Ivano-Frankivsk

Monument to Ivan Franko in Naguevychi was erected in 1996 as a central part of the sculptural group «Ivan Franko and World Literature».

1996, Naguevychi

This monument was erected in 2006 at the cross of Aleksandrovski prosp. and Uspenska str. Sculptor - Boris Rumjantsev, architect - Nikita Rumjantsev.

2006, Odessa

Monument to Ivan Franko in Kolomyja was opened Aug 27, 2012 in the Students garden. Sculptors - V. Andrushko, V. Gurmak, architect - J. Prits.

2012, Kolomyja

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