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Gallery / Memorable places

Memorable places

Photos of Ivan Franko's memorable places arranged according to the chronology of his stay in different places.

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Estate of Jakov (James) Franko – father of Ivan Franko – in the village Naguevychi (now Drogobych district, Lviv region).

Manor in Naguevychi (1856 – 1864)

Church St. Nicholas in the village Lower Naguevychi, where was baptized Ivan Franko.

Church in Naguevychi (1856 – 1864)

Old building Carmelite Monastery cells (Drogobych, str. Truskavetska, 2) in the 19th century used by Basilian normal (ie primary) school, where in 1864 – 1867 had been studied Ivan Franko.

School in Drogobych (1864 – 1867)

House of Korpak was destroyed in 1988. In this house Ivan Franko lived while studying in Drogobych gymnasium (1867 – 1875).

Place of Korpak's house in Drogobych (1867 – 1875)

House of gymnasium (Drogobych, Shevchenko str., 24), where in 1867 – 1875 Ivan Franko had been studied.

Gymnasium in Drogobych (1867 – 1875)

House in Drogobych (present address – Shevchenko str., 12) was founded in 1873. Ivan Franko witnessed the event and described it in his novel «Borislav laughs».

House in Drogobych (1873)

In the house on the Hlynyanska street 13 (present address – Lviv, Doncov str., 15) Ivan Franko lived in 1875 – 1876 at the beginning of his stay in Lviv.

House in Lviv (1875 – 1876)

In the so-called Bojko house (Lviv, Galicka square, 7) Ivan Franko had his apartment from the summer of 1876.

Bojko house in Lviv (1876).

The hotel «George» (Mickiewicz square, 1) had a large auditorium. March 21, 1876 there was performed a play «Three princes on a throne» by Franko; 4 (16) November 1893 – premiere of his play «Stolen Happiness».

Hotel in Lviv (1876 – 1915)

Old building of Lviv National University (Hrushevsky str. 4), where in 1875 – 1877 years in the philological department had been studied Ivan Franko.

Lviv University (1875 – 1877)

In this house (Lviv, Krakovska str., 14 / Armenian str., 5) in 1876 had worked editorial board of Ukrainian magazine «Friend», in which Ivan Franko had taken active participation.

House in Lviv (1876)

The house on the former Benedictine square (present address: Lviv, Vichova str., 1) Ivan Franko hired an apartment in 1876 – 1877 years. This informs memorial plaque.

House in Lviv (1876 – 1877)

In 1877 – 1878 Ivano Franko on false charges of socialist propaganda was imprisoned in the trial centre, which was in the yard of the Supreme Court (Lviv, Prince Roman str., 1 – 3).

Prison in Lviv (1877 – 1878)

This house (Lviv, Krushelnytska str. 25 / Kamenjariv str., 4) memorable for being here in 1878 – 1879 years rented apartment Ivan Franko, Michael Pavlik, Ostap Terletskyi.

House in Lviv (1878 – 1879)

In the house at Lviv, Staroievreiska str., 6 / Galicka str., 6 Ivan Franko lived in the late 1879 – early 1880.

House in Lviv (1879 – 1880)

In the city hall in Kolomyja March 5 – June 4, 1880 was imprisoned Ivan Franko – on false charges of socialist propaganda.

City Hall in Kolomyja (1880)

In the regional court in Kolomyja March 5 – June 10, 1880 was imprisoned Ivan Franko – on false charges of socialist propaganda.

Court in Kolomyja (1880)

This heavily remodeled house (Drogobych, Shevchenko str., 22) once belonged to local authority. Here, on the night of 12 on June 13, 1880 Ivan Franko was imprisoned during transferring from Kolomyja to Naguevychi.

House in Drogobych (1880)

In this house (Lviv, Armenian str., 29) on the 4th floor in 1880 – 1881 years had been situated editorial board of magazine «Praca». Ivan Franko, who was the author of the magazine, had lived at that time in the editorial office.

House in Lviv (1880 – 1881)

In the house on the Zhovkivska (now – Bohdan Khmelnytsky) street, 28 in the 1881 had been placed editorial board of Ukrainian magazine «World», in which Ivan Franko was the most active author.

House in Lviv (1881)

In the house at Lviv, Linde str., 3 (now – Franz Liszt str., 3) Ivan Franko lived in 1883 – 1885 years in the apartment of his friend Basil Nagorny.

House in Lviv (1883 – 1886)

In a large house of Skarbek's Theatre (now Lesja Ukrainka Theatre, Lesja Ukrainka str., 2) in 1884 had worked ethnographic and statistical group, organized by I. Franko.

Theatre in Lviv (1884 – 1898)

During his visit to Kyiv in February 1885 Franko stopped in apartment of Elisej Tregubov, a teacher in Galagan's collegium (Khmelnytsky str., 9, 2nd floor).

Galagan's collegium in Kiev (1885 – 1886)

The house in modern address Glibova str., 9 Ivan Franko settled in 1886, returning from Kyiv with his wife Olga. He lived here until September 1887.

House in Lviv (1886 – 1887)

In September – November 1887 Franko and his wife lived for a time in the house on the Stryjska street, 6. Here was born his first son Andrew.

House in Lviv (1887).

In the house with the address Chorążczyzna (now – Tchaikovsky), 5 worked editorial board of newspaper «Kurjer Lwowski», in which Ivan Franko always worked in 1887 – 1897 years.

House in Lviv (1887 – 1897)

In the house with the old address Zyblikevych str., 10 Ivan Franko and his family lived in 1887 – 1893.

House in Lviv (1887 – 1893)

In the summer of 1889, Ivan Franko on false charges of socialist propaganda and espionage in favor of Russia was imprisoned in the trial centre «Brygidky» (Lviv, Gorodotska str., 20).

Prison in Lviv (1889)

In this building (present address – Ivano-Frankivsk, Galicka street, 7) March 31, 1890 Ivan Franko spoke at the Shevchenko evening with a lecture on verse «Poplar».

House in Ivano-Frankivsk (1890)

In the People's House (Lviv, Theater str., 22) October 3 – 5, 1891 hosted the 2nd Congress of the Ruthenian-Ukrainian Radical Party, whose chairman was Ivan Franko.

People's House in Lviv (1891)

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